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Oakhill Pottery is a one-person studio run by Shelly Cubarney. She tries to respond to emails within a day or two of receiving them. Thank you for your interest. 


173 Zehner School Rd.
Zelienople PA, 16063

phone: 724-816-3512

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173 Zehner School Road
Zelienople, PA, 16063
United States


Bird on a Branch Mug

A labor of love.

Each Oakhill Pottery product is handmade and unique. No two are alike. Natural inconsistencies occur in each piece, between each firing, and depending on what part of the world the original clay was sourced. We are not a "production pottery" that promises perfection or uniformity in our work. What we do promise, however, is that each piece is lovingly crafted, glazed, kiln-fired and shipped by Shelly Cubarney from her Pennsylvania studio.

Bird on a Branch Mug

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Bird on a Branch Mug


This will hold an easy 16oz. The distressed surface makes each one of these mugs unique. No two are alike making each one an original piece of artwork.

Matte White on the outside
Brown glaze on the inside
Porcelain clay fired to cone 6

4” high x 5” wide ( including the handle)

Fired 4 times to achieve its unique look, each piece is handmade therefore slight variations in size or color may occur. Thanks for understanding.

Microwave and Dishwasher Safe.

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